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Anonymous said: PLS TELL ME HOW TO MAKE ICONS i've tried looking everywhere :( but in the meantime, please do a set of benedict cumberbatch icons (from transparents) ur queen

In mac, you cut the background of an image in photoshop or similar, then you select it and paste it in the folder icon of the ‘get info’ panel of the icon.  :)

Anonymous said: im here yo demand transparent icons

Transparent icons? Do you have any object / person or food you want me to make an icon?  :)

Anonymous said: Doge por favor!! :D

Muchas gracias por el request! Aquí está un Super icono de Doge <3

El link está en la imagen o sino puede clickear aquí. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2imwyk08zsx46u/Icono%20Doge.zip

Espero que le guste!

insert-inspirational-crap-here said: Can you pleaseeeee make a crying Kim Kardashian Icon???

AWESOME REQUEST!! Here it is, just click on the image to download it or in this url: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hv5kqs4my0e947u/Icono%20Crying%20Kim.zip

milenuts said: Aleee <3 haga icons de unicornios <3





Hola Mile!

Sorry que hasta ahora responda! Espero que le gusten!


grisrata said: hi first of all i wanna say i admire you guys I'm such a fan i would love to see a Tony Hawk icon I'm working on a documentary about skateboarding in Mexico and I could use it for my work's folder greetings from Mexico City


Omg grisrata! Thank you so much for your love, gladly I made this icon just for you. Hope you like it. Greeting from the internet~! ;3


baby-ygrl said: just type in google 'tumblr hearts with words' or 'tumblr hearts transparent' :):)):)

imageHi eternalsinns! Here are the icons of hearts with messages that you asked. Hope you like them. Just click on the image or here to get the zip: